Junos Space JA1500 Appliance Overview

The Junos Space JA1500 appliance is a Juniper Networks, dedicated, physical, hardware device that is engineered to provide the computing power and specific requirements needed to install and run the Junos Space application. The JA1500 appliance all-in-one design makes the Junos Space application deployment simpler by giving administrators a turnkey solution. You can power up a the JA1500 appliance, make required configuration changes, then start using the Junos Space application without concerning yourself with hardware and OS and application installation. (See Figure 1).

Figure 1: Junos Space JA1500 Appliance

Image g040200.gif

The JA1500 appliance allows administrators to migrate from a strategy of one large server in the corner, to distribute multiple servers based on load and geography. You can combine Junos Space appliances in clusters for high availability or increased throughput.

The JA1500 appliance ensures that consistent infrastructure is deployed across an organization, reducing complexity. The JA1500 appliance means that only one vendor—Juniper Networks—supports integrated components reducing complexity.

The administrator can also deploy and run the Junos Space application as a virtual appliance. The administrator can combine Junos Space appliances in clusters for high availability or increased throughput. The administrator can create a fabric of Junos Space appliances, Junos Space virtual appliances, or a combination of both appliances and virtual appliances.

Junos Space Application Overview

The Junos Space application, running on a JA1500 appliance, is a comprehensive platform for building and deploying applications for collaboration, productivity, and network infrastructure and operations management. The Junos Space application provides a runtime environment implemented as a fabric of virtual and physical appliances.

The Junos Space Network Application Platform (Platform) provides effective tools for automating network operations, including device discovery and management, topology visualization, device image deployment, job management, audit logging, user administration, and system administration. System administration tasks include managing the Junos Space fabric which comprises one or more IP-connected nodes, database, licenses, applications, troubleshooting, and tagging.

Junos Space applications:

Other proprietary, OEM, and third-party application will be developed in subsequent Junos Space releases.

The Junos Space Platform > Administration > Manage Application workspace allows the administrator add, upgrade, and delete applications.