cCPE Selfcare Application Release Notes, Release 1.0


These release notes describe known issues related to:

For general information on Junos OS and the Junos Space Network Management Platform, see the product documentation page on the Juniper Networks website at


The cloud CPE (cCPE) application enables service providers to offer their business enterprise customers virtual customer premises equipment (CPE) services. When you transition your customers to cCPE services, you can replace their complex and expensive Layer 3 CPEs with simple, low-cost Layer 2 CPE devices. Layer 3 CPE functions are provided by the MX Series 3D Universal Edge Router in the service provider cloud. cCPE uses existing Junos OS Release 13.2 features to provide cloud CPE services.

You can run cCPE services on MX Series routers running Junos OS Release 13.2 or later. For information about cCPE services, see

You can manage cCPE services in several ways:

As an option to the cCPE Selfcare application, you can use Junos Space Services Activation Director to provision the network, create subscriber sites, and associate Layer 3 VPN services with subscribers. If you use Junos Space Services Activation Director, the cCPE Selfcare application can import customers and their associated network inventory (interfaces on the router connecting to subscriber sites) from Junos Space Services Activation Director. Otherwise, the cCPE Selfcare application provides its own API and Web GUI to enable importing this information from your OSS.

In addition to inventory management functions, the cCPE Selfcare application implements monitoring and service change APIs that enable service providers to integrate their OSS.

The cCPE Selfcare application also provides a Web portal that enables enterprise customers to manage and monitor their cCPE services. Authorized administrators can change certain configuration parameters and view states and statistics for their cCPE resources. For security purposes, the cCPE Selfcare portal exposes only configuration capabilities that are safely changed by the end subscriber; changing the configuration does not affect other cCPE subscribers.

Downloading and Installing the cCPE Selfcare Application

You install the cCPE Selfcare application like any other application using the Junos Space application management functions. For overall information on installing Junos Space applications, see For information about installing Junos Space applications, see

You can download the cCPE Selfcare application from the Juniper Networks software download page, see cCPE Selfcare Application .