Table of Contents

About the Documentation
Documentation and Release Notes
Documentation Conventions
Documentation Feedback
Requesting Technical Support
JSA Appliance Overview
Introduction to the JSA Appliance
JSA Appliance Description
JSA Models
JSA Appliance Hardware Features
JSA Appliance Hardware Overview
JSA1500 Front Panel
JSA1500 Back Panel
JSA3500 Front Panel
JSA3500 Back Panel
JSA5500 Front Panel
JSA5500 Back Panel
JSA7500 Front Panel
JSA7500 Back Panel
Setting Up the JSA Hardware
Setting Up the JSA Hardware
Additional Hardware Requirements
General Site Installation Guidelines for the JSA Appliance
JSA Appliance Rack Requirements
Installing and Connecting the JSA Hardware
Installing the JSA Hardware
Chassis Console Port Pinouts
Connecting JSA to a DC Power Source
Installing the CNA Module on the JSA1500 Appliance
Connecting to a Management Device
Rack-Mounting the JSA Appliance
Rack-Mount Installation Overview
Required Tools and Parts for Installing the JSA Appliance
Front-and-Rear-Mounting the JSA Appliance Flush to a Rack
Front-and-Rear-Mounting the JSA Appliance Recessed in a Rack
Front-and-Rear-Mounting the JSA7500 in a 4-Post Sliding Rail Rack
Mid-Mounting the JSA Appliance in a Two-Post Rack
Preparing Your System for JSA Software Installation
Preparing Your System for JSA Software Installation
JSA Components
Browser Support
Preparing the Network Hierarchy
Identifying Network Settings
Identifying Security Monitoring Devices and Flow Data Sources
Identifying Network Assets
Setting Up the JSA Software and Configuring Network Settings
Logging In to the JSA Interface for the First Time
Accessing the JSA Interface
JSA Hardware Maintenance and Replacement
Maintaining the Hardware
RAID Array
Power Supply
Cooling Fans
Juniper Networks Technical Assistance Center
Replacing Hardware Components on JSA
Field-Replaceable Units on the JSA Appliance
Replacing the Fan on the JSA Appliance
Replacing an AC Power Supply on the JSA Appliance
Replacing AC Power Supply Cables on the JSA Appliance
Replacing a DC Power Supply on the JSA Appliance
Replacing DC Power Supply Cables on the JSA Appliance
Safety Information
General Safety Information
General Safety Guidelines and Warnings
Definitions of Safety Warning Levels
Fire Safety Requirements
Qualified Personnel Warning
Warning Statement for Norway and Sweden
Radiation and Laser Warnings
Laser and LED Safety Guidelines and Warnings for JSA
General Laser Safety Guidelines
Class 1 Laser Product Warning
Class 1 LED Product Warning
Laser Beam Warning
Radiation from Open Port Apertures Warning
Installation and Maintenance Safety Information
Installation Instructions Warning
Chassis Lifting Guidelines for JSA
Ramp Warning
Rack-Mounting Warnings
Grounded Equipment Warning
Maintenance and Operational Safety Guidelines and Warnings
Battery Handling Warning
Jewelry Removal Warning
Lightning Activity Warning
Operating Temperature Warning
Product Disposal Warning
Power and Electrical Safety Information
General Electrical Safety Guidelines and Warnings
Prevention of Electrostatic Discharge Damage
AC Power Electrical Safety Guidelines
AC Power Disconnection Warning
DC Power Electrical Safety Guidelines
DC Power Disconnection Warning
DC Power Grounding Requirements and Warning
DC Power Wiring Sequence Warning
DC Power Wiring Terminations Warning
Multiple Power Supplies Disconnection Warning
TN Power Warning
Action to Take After an Electrical Accident
Compliance Information
Compliance Information
Agency Approvals for JSA
Compliance Statements for EMC Requirements for JSA
European Community
United States
FCC Part 15 Statement
Compliance Statements for Acoustic Noise for JSA
Hardware Specifications
Hardware Specifications
JSA Transceiver Interface Types
JSA Transceiver Interface