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Product Information: Behaviors and Notes


This section lists information about product behavior for the hardware and software of the Juniper ATP Appliance.

  • When integrating JATP with the SRX Series device, you cannot use FXP0 interfaces to communicate with JATP. You must use a separate revenue interface. See the JATP and SRX Series Integration Guide for details.

  • Backup and Restore is only for the Web UI configuration and does not include all incidents and events.

  • Alerts are private to the user who created them. It is possible to add users (or groups) other than the author to alerts. This can result in users seeing unexpected alerts that they cannot see in their own views.

  • The Juniper ATP virtual appliance does not have VMWare tools installed. You must power off the appliance for migration and/or cloning using the CLI.

  • Alerts for command and control server (CnC or C2) traffic are only sent on the initial occurrence to avoid alert fatigue.

  • The system does not enforce resource requirements for disk, RAM, and CPU. Although installations with limited resources may initially work, they will eventually exhibit issues.

  • Both the Juniper ATP Appliance Core and All-in-One device require Internet access. Other products may report a health alert for “Internet,” but you can disregard those alerts.

  • The setupcheck command may show a failure on the WinXP sandbox image. This can be disregarded as it is no longer used.

  • You can deploy the JATP700 appliance as an e-mail collector. There is no separate orderable SKU for this deployment, but any JATP700 appliance may be re-purposed for this function.

The following support Information is called out here for your reference. Note that the product documentation also contains support information. If there is a disparity, these release notes contain the most updated information.

  • Only VMware versions 5.0, 5.5, and 6.0 are supported at this time.

  • Only Windows 7 is supported for a Golden Image.