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New and Changed Features


FIPS Mode Support

This release of JATP provides FIPS support, allowing JATP to operate in FIPS 140-2 level 1 compliant mode. From this release onward, JATP can operate in either FIPS or non-FIPS mode. Note the following changes for FIPS mode:

  • New CLI commands for setting FIPS mode and diagnosing issues.

  • Stronger password and key requirements for FIPS mode.

  • In clustered deployments, all systems must be either be in FIPS mode or not in FIPS mode.

See the documentation for details. All-in-One Quick Start Guide

IPv6 Support

This release of JATP provides support for IPv6 addresses. IPv6 is now supported for all JATP data plane and event processing features, with the following exceptions:

  • Pushing IPv6 addresses to mitigation devices is not supported.

  • Log ingestion of IPv6 addresses is not supported.

  • There is no IPv6 management plane (For administration of the device).

  • There is no integration with Carbon Black or CrowdStrike for IPv6. (To check for execution status on endpoints.)

  • There is no IPv6-based honeypot.