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Configuring System Identity for the EX-Series Switch

To configure identification details for the switch:

  1. Select Configure>System Properties>System Identity. The System Identity page displays configuration details.
  2. To modify the configuration, click Edit. Enter information into the System Identity page, as described in Table 7.

Table 7: Set Up Configuration Summary



Your Action

Host Name

Defines the hostname of the switching platform.

Type the hostname.

Domain Name

Defines the network or subnetwork that the machine belongs to.

Type the domain name.

Root Password

Sets the root password that user root can use to log in to the switching platform.

Type a plain-text password. The system encrypts the password.

Note: After a root password has been defined, it is required when you log in to the J-Web user interface or the CLI.

Confirm Root Password

Verifies that the root password has been typed correctly.

Retype the password.

DNS Name Servers

Specifies a DNS server for the switching platform to use to resolve hostnames into addresses.

To add an IP address, click Add.

To edit an IP address, click Edit.

To delete an IP address, click Delete.

Domain Search

Specifies the domains to be searched.

To add a domain, click Add.

To edit a domain click Edit.

To delete a domain, click Delete.

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