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Configuring Date and Time for the EX-series Switch (J-Web Procedure)

To configure date and time:

  1. Select Configure>System Properties>Date & Time.
  2. To modify the information, click Edit. Enter information into the Edit Date & Time page, as described in Table 11.
  3. Click one:

Table 11: Date and Time Settings


Time Zone

Identifies the timezone that the switching platform is located in.

Select the appropriate time zone from the list.

Set Time

Synchronizes the system time with that of the NTP server. You can also manually set the system time and date.

To immediately set the time, click one:

  • Synchronize with PC time—The switch synchronizes the time with that of the PC.
  • NTP Servers—The switch sends a request to the NTP server and synchronizes the system time.
  • Manual—A pop-up window allows you to select the current date and time from a list.

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