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ES PIC (M10i Router)

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Software release

  • JUNOS 6.0 and later


  • High-bandwidth encryption (in accordance with IPSec standards)
  • Power requirement: 0.21 A @ 48 V (10 W)
  • Support for IPSec encryption, decryption, and key calculation acceleration

Note: The ES PIC does not support reassembly and decryption of encrypted packets that were fragmented in an IPSec tunnel.

Hardware features

  • Extends the existing security functionality to Internet traffic at high-performance rates
  • Throughput at 800 Mbps, half duplex
  • 1000 IPSec tunnels or 2000 IPSec security association (SA) pairs
  • Supports MTUs of up to 3900 bytes

Software features

For a list of the software features available for services PICs, see the JUNOS Services Interfaces Configuration Guide.

  • Support for IPv4
  • Authentication hash algorithms: MD-5 and SHA-1
  • Encryption algorithms: DES, 3-DES, and Null
  • Automated key management using Diffie-Hellman key establishment
  • Support for preshared key management
  • Authentication Header and Encapsulating Security Payload (ESP) independently or in bundle mode
  • Tunnel mode IPSec encryption and decryption for data traffic
  • Transport mode IPSec encryption and decryption for control traffic
  • Static and dynamic security associations (SA) supported
  • SA lifetime configurable in seconds and kilobytes


One tricolor:

  • Off—Not enabled
  • Green—Online with no alarms or failures
  • Amber—Online with alarms for remote failures
  • Red—Active with a local alarm; router has detected a failure

Instrumentation (counters)

  • Input and output bytes per tunnel
  • Total authentication failures
  • Total antireply failures
  • Total encryption ASIC errors per PIC

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