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Powering On the CTP151 Device


In this procedure we assume that the device is already connected to a power source.

For specifications on the electrical requirements for the device, see CTP151 Platform Chassis Physical Specifications.


Evaluate the overall loading of the branch circuit before you install any equipment into a rack.

To power on the device:

  1. Verify that the power source is operational.
  2. Inspect all grounding and power connections to the device chassis.
  3. Confirm that all cable connections are secure.
  4. Switch any available power switches to ON.
  5. Monitor the console to verify that the device is booting up properly.

    The device goes through a boot process. When a prompt appears on the console, the device is ready to be configured. If the device is new, it boots to a first boot script. If the device is already operational, it boots to a login prompt.