Technical Documentation

Connecting Directly to the CTP Platform

When you connect a console directly to the device, use the COM 2 port on the RJ-45 connector. To do this, you must use the special DB-9 adapter with a straight-through RJ-45 cable.

To connect a console directly to the device:

  1. Connect the female DB-9 connector to the COM 2 port on the device’s RTM.
  2. Connect the crossover adapter connector to your PC's serial port.
  3. Power on the device.

    When you power on the device, the CLI appears on your console's screen. You can begin configuration. For more information about using the CLI and configuring the device, see the CTP Software Configuration Guide.

    Note: Direct access through the COM 2 serial port enables you to monitor the device while it boots.

Published: 2010-04-18