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Task 3: Connecting the Power Cables to the CTP2000 Platform


Before you begin this procedure, be sure the power source is turned off, the device is turned off, and proper grounding wires are attached.

To connect power cables to the device:

  1. Be sure you have completed Task 1: Turning Off All CTP Platform Power and Task 2: Connecting the Grounding Cable to the CTP Platform (CTP2056 Platform Only).Warning

    The wiring color code of the power cables depends on the color coding of the DC power source installed at your site. Color code standards for DC wiring do not exist. To ensure that the correct polarity is connected to the device power units, confirm the connection of the power cables to the + (positive) and – (negative) leads at the power source.

  2. Remove the nuts and locking washers from the posts for the power input (A or B) using a small insulated adjustable wrench.
  3. Place one negative (neutral) cable lead on the post labeled –48 VDC.
  4. Replace the locking washers and nuts, and tighten the nuts to secure the connection.
  5. Place the other cable lead on the post labeled RTN.
  6. Replace the locking washer and nut, and firmly tighten the nut to secure the connection.
  7. Attach the opposite end of Power A's wire leads to the appropriate leads on your power source.Note

    To provide redundancy, do not use the same power source for Power A and Power B leads.

  8. Repeat Steps 1–7 for each power supply module in your configuration.