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Task 2: Connecting the Grounding Cable to the CTP Platform (CTP2056 Platform Only)


The CTP2056 device has a grounding stud located in the rear of the chassis, near the power inputs.

To ground the power unit:

  1. Locate the grounding stud.
  2. Remove the nuts and locking washers from the grounding stud.Note

    We recommend a minimum of 18-AWG ground wire with a ring-style terminal.

  3. Place the grounding cable lead on the grounding stud, and tighten the nuts to secure the connection.
  4. Connect the other end of the ground cable to the appropriate ground termination lead.Note

    When grounding the device, leave a service loop in the grounding cable to ensure that the grounding cable is the last cable to disconnect from the shelf if strain is placed on the electrical cables.