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USB Port Specifications for a CTP151 Device


The following Juniper Networks USB flash drives have been tested and are officially supported for the USB port in the CTP151 device:

  • RE-USB-1G-S—1-gigabyte (GB) USB flash drive

  • RE-USB-2G-S—2-GB USB flash drive

  • RE-USB-4G-S—4-GB USB flash drive


Any USB memory product not listed as supported for the CTP151 device has not been tested by Juniper Networks. The use of any unsupported USB memory product could expose your device to unpredictable behavior. Juniper Networks Technical Assistance Center (JTAC) can provide only limited support for issues related to unsupported hardware. We strongly recommend that you use only supported USB flash drives.


Remove the USB flash drive before upgrading CTPOS or rebooting the CTP151 device. Failure to do so could expose your device to unpredictable behavior.


USB flash drives used with the CTP151 device must support USB 2.0 or later.


If the CTP151 device does not boot from the internal SSD drive, you must reinstall the CTPOS software using a USB installation image.