Technical Documentation

CTP Mechanical Requirements

Follow these mechanical requirements for your rack:

  • Select from the following rack options:
    • Two-post rack—a freestanding enclosed cabinet with two mounting posts in the front
    • Telco-type rack—two adjacent mounting posts that you must secure to the floor or an overhead structure
    • Four-post rack—a freestanding open rack, either open or closed
  • The rack must have at least two mounting posts.
  • The distance between the mounting holes in the two posts must be 18.31 in. ±.063 in., as specified in the EIA-310-D document.
  • A fully loaded rack with three CTP2056 systems must structurally support at least 100 lb (46 kg).
  • An optional mounting kit is available for midchassis mounting. Contact your Juniper Networks sales representative for more information.

Published: 2010-04-18