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CTP2000 Series Processor


Starting with CTPOS Release 6.6, Juniper Networks CTP2000 Series Circuit to Packet platforms support the PP833 processors (see Figure 1) in addition to the older PP310 and PP332 family of processors.

The front panel of the PP833 processor comprises the following components (see Figure 1):

  • PMC—Both PMC slots are available to support compatible fiber PMC modules. For more information about the PMC module, see CTP2000 PMC Module and Installing a PMC on CTP2000 Platforms.

  • Ethernet connection—Provides the 1-Gbps Ethernet connection to the IP network by means of a local Ethernet switch or router.

  • Console connection—Provides an asynchronous tty connection for locally configuring the CTP Series device. Because of front panel space limitations, the PP833 processor provides an RS232 serial console via a supplied USB-to-DB9 cable (p/n 720-071594), in which the DB-9 connector has the same pinout as a standard RS-232 DTE port.

Figure 1: PP833 Processor (AC and DC Version, Front View)
Processor (AC and DC Version, Front View)