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CTP2000 Compression Module


The CTP2000 Series Compression Module enables serial data and voice bundles to be compressed and passed through a CTP2000 platform. It provides twice the digital signal processor (DSP) density of the original compression module. (See Figure 14.)

Voice bundles originating from the CTP2000 IM-8P-T1/E1, analog CTP2000 IM-4WE&M, CTP2000-IM-2W-FXS, and CTP2000-IM-2W-FXO modules can use the CTP2000 Compression 2 High Density Interface Module to compress voice bundles. Voice bundles ranging from 1–24 channels on a T1 module, 1–30 channels on an E1 module, and 1–8 channels on a 4WE&M module can be bundled and connected through the Compression 2 High Density Module to compress the voice bundle and build the IP packet.


CTP2000 Compression Module can no longer be purchased.

Figure 14: Compression Module
Compression Module

The Compression Module supports these compression algorithms:

  • G.711 (64k)

  • G.729AB (8k)

This module supports Mu-Law and A-Law companding, echo cancellation, silence suppression, fax/modem detection, and tone relay. You can configure the compression options when you configure the voice bundle.