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Required Tools, Wires, and Cables for the CTP2000 Platform


Cabling your device takes only a few minutes. You need the following items and the cables listed in Table 23 for proper installation:

  • 1/8-inch flathead screwdriver

  • 3/8-inch wrench or 3/8-inch nut-driver

  • No. 2 Phillips screwdriver

  • Ground wires—We recommend a minimum of 18-AWG ground wire for AC and DC-powered versions, if applicable.

  • Two #10 kep nuts (supplied) to connect the ground (earth) wire to the ground terminal.

  • Power module wiring—We recommend a minimum of 18-AWG wire for the device with a dual stud terminal lug with 5/8-inch spacing.

Consider the distance from the connection point and the configuration of the device when determining the size of wire used.

Table 23: Required Cables


Port and Cable Used

Management connection between the processor module and the LAN

One 10/100Base-T Ethernet management port with an RJ-45 connector.

Management connection between the processor module and a management console

One RS-232 port with a DB-9 connector for VT100 management access on the PP833 processors. One COM2 port with an RJ-45 connector on the PP310 and PP332 processors.

Direct connections to interface modules

Cables vary depending on module.

For more information about CTP2000 Series cable and pinout specifications, refer Cable and Pinout Specifications.