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Installing SFPs in a CTP2000 Module


This section describes how to install small form-factor pluggable transceivers (SFPs) on interface modules that support these devices. In the current release, the CTP-FX2000GE-UPG supports SFPs.

You can replace the SFPs without disabling the interfaces or removing the module from the device.

To install SFPs:

  1. Ground yourself by using an antistatic wrist strap or other device, and connect it to an ESD grounding jack.
  2. Identify the following items on the SFP (Figure 39):
    • The connection circuitry on the base

    • The cable connectors on the front

    Figure 39: Representative SFP
    Representative SFP

    Be sure to position the SFP correctly before you install it.

  3. Hold the SFP so that:
    • The connection circuitry is adjacent to the module's faceplate.

    • The cable connectors are visible when you install the SFP.

  4. Slide the SFP as far as you can into the module until the SFP clicks into place.

    If the SFP does not slide smoothly into the module, make sure that the orientation of the SFP is correct.

  5. Gently pull the SFP to confirm that it is inserted correctly.

    If the SFP comes out of the slot when you pull it, repeat Step 4.

  6. Connect the new cables to the SFP.