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Removing a CTP Interface Module, Processor Module, or Clock Module


We recommend that you issue the slot disable command from the CLI before removing a line module.


If you do not use the halt command before powering down the CTP device, the CompactFlash card might become corrupted.

To remove a CTP module:

  1. Issue the halt command.
  2. Ground yourself by using an antistatic wrist strap or other device, and connect it to an ESD grounding jack, if available, or another grounding device.
  3. Use a Philips screwdriver to loosen the captive screws located at the top and bottom of the module panel.
  4. If the module has ejector handles, press the red release buttons, and pull the ejector handles outward to the open position.
  5. Carefully slide the module out of the chassis.
  6. Place the module in its antistatic bag, being careful not to touch module components, pins, leads or solder connections.
  7. Cover the empty chassis slot with a blank filler panel, and tighten the filler panel's captive screws using a Phillips screwdriver. Turn both screws several times before tightening them completely.