CTPOS 6.0R1 Upgrade Kits

Because of the new features and hardware supported in CTPOS 6.0R1, a direct code upgrade by means of an upgrade archive from earlier versions of CTPOS is not supported. This topic includes the procedures for performing an upgrade using an upgrade kit and for registering the upgrade. There are two upgrade kits, the use of which depends on whether you are using a PP310 or PP332 processor in your CTP2000 series device. Figure 1 shows the front of the CPU that contains the PP310 processor and Figure 2 shows the front of the CPU that contains the PP332 processor.

Figure 1: PP310 CPU

Image g015417.gif

Figure 2: PP332 CPU

Image g015420.gif

Note: You must register your upgrade and validate it with Juniper Networks. If your upgrade kit includes a new RTM, you must also register the RTM. After you register the upgrade and, if included, the RTM, allow up to 45 days for restocking of the new hardware configuration to support any Next Day or Same Day contracts. Juniper Networks will provide Best Effort support until restocking of the converted product is complete. After the registration process is completed and the new configuration is updated in the depot, you will have access to the software and tools that support your device.

Note: The use of the upgrade kit is supported only on CTP2000 Series products.

Caution: You cannot use CTPView to perform a system save of a node running a version of CTPOS before 6.0R1 and restore the system to a node running 6.0R1. CTPView cannot be used to migrate from pre-6.0R1 to 6.0R1. System save/restore between different CTPOS versions is not supported.

PP310 Upgrade Kit - CTP2000-RAM-RTM-UPG

The PP310 upgrade kit contains:

PP332 Upgrade Kit - CTP2000-RAM-UPG

The PP332 upgrade kit contains:

Note: The 4-GB upgrade CompactFlash card and USB to CompactFlash adapters are the same in both kits. Whereas the PP310 and PP332 use the same model RTM after you complete the upgrade, the RTMs are jumpered differently for the two processors. Switching RTMs from a PP310 to a PP332 or vice versa without changing the jumper settings can damage the CPU.