Table of Contents

Introduction to CTPOS 6.0 Upgrade Kits
CTPOS 6.0R1 Upgrade Kits
PP310 Upgrade Kit - CTP2000-RAM-RTM-UPG
PP332 Upgrade Kit - CTP2000-RAM-UPG
Upgrading the CTP2000 Series Device to CTPOS 6.0R1
Upgrading with the PP310 Upgrade Kit
Upgrading with the PP332 Upgrade Kit
Using the Upgrade CompactFlash Card
Migrating from a Previous Operating System
Preparing a System for Firstboot Using CTPOS 6.0R1
Registering Your Upgrade
Related Procedures
Servicing the CTP2000 CPU
Installing or Replacing CTP2000 DRAM Memory Modules in the PP310 or PP332 CPU
Restoring BIOS Defaults for the CTPOS 6.0R1 Upgrade (PP310)
Installing or Removing a CTP2000 Series CompactFlash Card