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CTP151 Platform Overview


Juniper Networks CTP Series Circuit to Packet platforms provide advanced technology and features required to reliably transport legacy time-division multiplexing (TDM) and other circuit-based applications across next-generation IP networks. CTP Series platforms create an IP packet flow from a serial data or analog voice connection at one end and provide the necessary processing to re-create the serial bit stream or analog signal from the received packet flow at the other end.

CTP Series platforms provide compact and lightweight chassis, high port density, and multiple Ethernet interfaces. Each CTP Series platform runs the CTP operating system (CTPOS) and can be managed by the Juniper Networks CTPView Network Management System. The CTPView Network Management System is a secure, Web-based management tool for provisioning, managing, running diagnostics, monitoring, and reporting on all CTP Series devices and circuits in the network.

For more information on CTP151 hardware, see the CTP151 Hardware Guide.

Package Contents

The CTP151 device is shipped with the following parts:

  • One pair of front-mounting brackets

  • Eight screws to secure the mounting brackets to the chassis

  • 4 rubber feet

  • RJ-45 cable and RJ-45 to DB-9 serial port adapter

  • USB 2.0 Standard-A to Mini-USB cable

  • AC power cord*

  • AC power cord retainer clip

  • Documentation Roadmap

  • End User License Agreement

* By default, one AC power cord that is suitable for use in the U.S. is supplied with the device. If you need a power cord for use in another country, you must order it while purchasing the CTP151 device.


To mount the chassis on a rack or a cabinet, you must provide mounting screws that are appropriate for your rack or cabinet.

Register the Product

Register product serial numbers on the Juniper Networks website and update the installation base data if there is any addition or change to the installation base or if the installation base is moved. Juniper Networks will not be held accountable for not meeting the hardware replacement service-level agreement for products that do not have registered serial numbers or accurate installation base data.

Register your product at

Update your installation base at