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CTP150 Platform Overview


The Juniper Networks CTP150 Circuit to Packet platform is a 1-U high, full-rack wide chassis designed for tabletop or shelf installation. It can also be installed in a rack with the supplied rack-mounting kit. The CTP150 platform has two removable modules for serial interfaces, T1/E1 interfaces, or both, and a removable Type II CompactFlash card, but no hard drive. It is available in a removable AC-powered version only.


Do not remove CompactFlash cards from a running device. If you remove the card while data is being written to or copied from the CompactFlash card, data can be lost or corrupted. Therefore, we strongly recommend that you shut down the device before removing or inserting a CompactFlash card.

The front panel comprises the following components (see Figure 1):

  • Power LED—Green when power is connected.

  • CompactFlash LED—Solid amber when the CompactFlash drive is in use.

  • Hardware LED—Quickly blinking red for a fan failure, slowly blinking red for the removable AC power supply in use, and solid red when overheating.

  • Serial console port—Provides access, by means of an RJ-45 connector, to the command-line interface (CLI).

  • Two traffic interface ports—Connect the appliance to your network, receiving and forwarding traffic, over copper Ethernet 10/100/1000 interfaces.

  • USB port.

  • Slots for two removable interface modules in three versions:

    • 4-port serial interface

    • 4-port serial interface with multiservice daughter board

    • 4-port T1/E interface


    The module slots are numbered 0 and 1 from left to right. If only one module is used, it must be inserted in slot 0. Also, any single clock module must be connected to the CLK connector in the left-most module slot 0.

    Figure 1: CTP150 Chassis (Front View)
    CTP150 Chassis (Front View)

The rear panel comprises the following components (see Figure 2):

  • Removable CompactFlash drive—The device must be powered off when you insert or remove the CompactFlash card. The CTP150 platform does not provide a hard drive, nor is it required.

  • Removable AC power supply—Power input using a standard IEC power cord.

  • Fans—When the device is cool, the appliance fans spin at a slower speed to reduce noise and save energy. As the device heats up, the fans run at a faster speed. In the event of fan failure, the hardware LED blinks quickly and the remaining fan or fans run at full speed until the failed fan is replaced. The fans for this model are not field replaceable units (FRUs).

Figure 2 shows the CompactFlash drive with the cover plate removed.

Figure 2: CTP150 Chassis (Rear View)
CTP150 Chassis (Rear View)