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Table of Contents

CTP150 Platform Overview
Introducing CTP Platforms
CTP150 Platform Overview
CTP150 Interface Modules
CTP150 Serial Interface Module
CTP150 Multiservice Interface Module
CTP150 T1/E1 Interface Module
CTP150 Clock Module
System Specifications and Certifications
CTP150 Platform Specifications
CTP150 Platform Certifications
Planning and Preparing the Site
Before You Install a CTP Platform
CTP150 Environmental Requirements
Equipment Rack Requirements
CTP150 Rack Requirements
CTP150 Mechanical Requirements
CTP150 Space Requirements
CTP150 Rack Installation
CTP Cabling Recommendations
Cable and Pinout Specifications
CTP150 Interface Module HD-26 Connector Cable Pinouts
EIA-530 Connector Interface Signal Pinouts (DB-25 Female DCE)
EIA-530 Connector Interface Signal Pinouts (DB-25 Male DTE)
X.21 Connector Interface Signal Pinouts (DB-15 Female DCE)
X.21 Connector Interface Signal Pinouts (DB-15 Male DTE)
V.24 Connector Interface Signal Pinouts (RJ-45 Male)
T1/E1 Interface Signal Pinouts (RJ-45 Male)
CTP150 Console Cable Pinouts
CTP Fast Ethernet and Power Cables
Fast Ethernet Cables
DC Power Cables
General Safety Guidelines and Warnings
CTP Safety Guidelines and Warnings
Module Installation Safety Guidelines and Warnings
Safety Guidelines and Warnings for Installing CTP Modules
Hardware Compliance
Declaration of Conformity for the CTP150 Platform
Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Statement
FCC Requirements for Consumer Products
Food and Drug Administration, Center for Devices and Radiological Health
Compliance with Canadian Regulations
Industry Canada Notice
Industry Canada Notice CS-03
Avis CS-03 d'Industrie Canada
Canadian Department of Communications Explanatory Notes
DOC Explanatory Notes: Equipment Attachment Limitations
Notes explicatives du ministère des Communications: limites visant les accessoires
Unpacking and Inspecting
Before You Unpack the CTP Platform
Unpacking the CTP Device
Inspecting Platform Components and Accessories
If You Detect or Suspect Damage
Contacting Juniper Networks
Installing the Chassis
Before You Install the CTP150 Platform
Installing the CTP150 Platform in Freestanding Mode
Installing the CTP150 Platform in a Rack
Installing Modules
CTP150 Modules Slot and Port Numbering
Protecting CTP Modules and Slots
Required Tools and Safety Items for Installing CTP Modules
Installing a CTP Interface Module, Processor Module, or Clock Module
Removing a CTP Interface Module, Processor Module, or Clock Module
Installing or Removing a CTP150 CompactFlash Card
Cabling the CTP150 Platform Overview
Required Tools, Wires, and Cables for the CTP150 Platform
Cabling a CTP150 Interface Module
CTP150 Fast Ethernet Cables
Accessing the CTP150 Platform
Setting Up Management Access to the CTP150 Platform
Connecting Directly to the CTP150 Platform
Using HyperTerminal to Access the CTP150 Device
Using SSH to Access the CTP Platform
Powering On and Initially Configuring the CTP150 Device
Before You Power On the CTP150 Device
Powering On and Initially Configuring the CTP150 Device
Powering On the CTP150 Device
Configuring the First Boot Script for the CTP150 Device
Powering Off the CTP Platform
Maintaining Components
Required Tools for Maintaining the CTP Platform
Storing CTP Modules and Other Components
Cleaning the CTP Platform
Replacing an AC Power Supply
Product Reclamation and Recycling
Product Reclamation and Recycling Program
Packing and Returning Hardware
Return Procedure
Returning CTP Products for Repair or Replacement
Troubleshooting Power Failures
CTP Platform Does Not Power On
CTP Platform Shuts Down
Contacting Customer Support
Contacting Customer Support
Locating CTP Component Serial Numbers
Information You Might Need to Supply to JTAC