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Lifting and Moving the BTI7814 Chassis


This section describes how to use the optional 14-Slot Chassis Shelf Installation Support Bracket Kit (BT8A78SSB1) to lift and move the BTI7814 chassis to the rack for installation.

This Shelf Installation Support Bracket Kit can be used for EIA, Weco and ETSI frame types—19 inches, 21 inches, and 23 inches (482.6 mm, 533.4 mm, 584.2 mm).



Lift handles

Used to assist in lifting the chassis. Recommended to be used only to position the chassis in the lower rack position.

Support frame

Used to support the chassis during installation.


Used to attach the support frame to the rack.

Two packets of nuts and bolts

Used to secure the brackets to the support frame.

Figure 1: Chassis Installation Kit
Chassis Installation Kit

To prevent bodily injury when lifting or moving the chassis or other components, follow these guidelines.

Considerations Before You Begin

The weight of the chassis, as delivered, is approximately 80 lb (36.30 kg), which includes the Power Entry Modules (PEMs) and FAN modules. Before lifting, you might want to remove the PEMs and FAN modules to reduce the weight by approximately 10 lb (4.6 kg). See BTI7814 Field-Replaceable Units (FRUs) for instructions on removing and reinstalling these modules.

Always use best practices to lift and move the chassis. We recommend the following:

  • A minimum of two people.

  • Four people to provide proper balance and safety—two at the front and two at the back.

  • You should have a dolly on hand to move the chassis, or a mechanical lift, particularly, if you are mounting the chassis at the top of the rack. Because of the weight of the chassis, the mechanical lift provides safety and ease for lifting the chassis to a high rack position.


To ensure safety, follow these guidelines:

  • Ensure that your footing is solid.

  • Do not move suddenly or twist your body when lifting the chassis.

  • When lifting the chassis, bend at your knees not your waist.

  • When moving the chassis, be sure you have an unobstructed path to the rack.

Mounting the Support Frame

The support frame is used, temporarily, to support the chassis during chassis rack installation. Before you move the chassis to the rack, mount the frame on the rack using the brackets, and nuts and bolts included in the bracket kit. Mount the frame in the rack where the bottom of the chassis is going to be positioned.

Figure 2: Chassis Support Frame
Chassis Support Frame

Moving the Chassis

After the support frame is mounted, attach one lift handle on each side of the chassis by inserting the handle tips into the pre-drilled holes on the sides of the chassis. At least, one person should be positioned on each side of the chassis to grab a handle. For proper balance, an additional person should be positioned in front of the chassis, and another in the back. At the same time, everyone should lift the chassis and carefully move the chassis to the rack and place it on the support frame.

Figure 3: Chassis Lift Handles
Chassis Lift Handles

The lift handles must be removed before fully sliding the chassis onto the support frame. Be sure to have someone support the front of the chassis when you remove the handles. After removing the handles, slide the chassis into position on the support frame and secure the chassis with the supplied fasteners. After the chassis is securely rack mounted, you can remove the support frame for future use.


For detailed rack mounting procedures, refer to Rack Mounting the BTI7814 Chassis.