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Introduction to Automation


Juniper Networks devices running the Junos® operating system (Junos OS) support comprehensive automation facilities. Almost all aspects of the operation of your network can be managed programmatically or with scripts. Each of these automation modalities are well documented individually, but if you are new to automation, you might not know where to start.

To make learning about automation easier, we have broken down the automation features based on the order of their complexity. By following this guide, you can start with easier (yet still valuable) tasks, and work up to more complicated network management workflows.

This overview is deliberately selective rather than comprehensive about the tools it describes. This is intended to facilitate a quick ramp-up. For example, automation examples are done using the Python language (where possible), because it is easy to learn, free, and widely supported. Python is also easy to read, serving as an effective model for solutions crafted with other languages or tools.