Installation Instructions for HCM Application

The following procedures are required to install the HCM application:

Installing the HTTP-Manager package in the router

To install the HTTP-Manager package:

  1. Make sure you have the right package for the JUNOS image you are using in the router.
  2. Issue the request system software add command to install the HTTP-Manager package.
  3. Restart the package is installed, restart the CLI.

The following output shows an example of the installation process:

user@router> request system software add http-manager-11.4R4.4-1-A1.1.tgz
NOTICE: Validating configuration against package-name.
NOTICE: Use the 'no-validate' option to skip this if desired.
Checking compatibility with configuration

WARNING: cli has been replaced by an updated version:
CLI release 11.4R4.4 built by builder on 2012-07-4 02:36:22 UTC
Restart cli using the new version ? [yes,no] (yes) 

Restarting cli ...

The following example shows how the HTTP-Manager packages are displayed by the show version command:

user@router> show version
HTTP-Manager Management Component [11.4R4.4-1-A1.1]
HTTP-Manager Dataplane Component [11.4R4.4-1-A1.1]

Upgrading the Junos OS after installation of the HTTP-Manager package

Before upgrading the Junos OS release on a router on which HCM has been installed, it is necessary to delete the HCM configuration from the router:

  1. Issue the following command:
    user@router> extension juniper-http-manager delete <section>

    To see the configuration for HCM, issue the following alternative construct of the command:

    user@router> extension juniper-http-manager show <section>

    juniper-http-manager is the package name for the HCM extension application.

    Note: Any HCM configuration present on the router when it is upgraded will be removed when the new image boots up. Make sure you save any configuration before you upgrade the router; otherwise it may be difficult to determine which configuration is missing.

  2. Once you have saved and removed the HCM configuration, you can delete the HTTP-Manager package by issuing the following command:
    user@router> request system software delete http-manager-mgmtuser@router> request system software delete http-manager-services
  3. After upgrading the JUNOS image, you can reinstall the HTTP-Manager package and add the saved configuration.