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About the Events Page

To access this page, click the Monitor tab and then select Events from the left-nav bar.

You can use the Events page to view the events in your network. Events are SNMP traps or NETCONF events received from managed devices, and can include alarms, non-alarmed conditions such as threshold crossing alerts, as well as notifications of routine transactions and behavior. A high event count does not necessarily indicate errors in the network but should warrant further investigation. You can filter the table to see events for a specific device or a subset of devices, and you can expand an event to view additional details for that event.

Tasks You Can Perform

You can view SNMP and NETCONF events in the network or on a device from this page.

Field Descriptions

Table 11 explains the headings in the Events page.

Table 11: Fields for the Events Page




The IP address of the device.


The OID of the SNMP trap or the name of the NETCONF notification.

Time Received

The date and time when the event was received, in the following format:


  • YYYY is the year

  • MM is the month

  • DD is the day

  • T is the delimiter

  • HH is the hour

  • MM is the minute

  • SS.SSS is the second

Viewing Events


Use this procedure to view events for a device.

  1. Click the Monitor tab and then select Events from the left-nav bar.

    The Events table is displayed:

    Note This table is updated automatically as events are raised.

  2. To see events for a particular device, type the IP address of the device in the search box. See Working with Tables.
  3. To see more details on an event, select an event row and then click View.

    The Event Details window appears:

  4. To sort, filter, copy, print, or save table entries, see Working with Tables.
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