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proNX Optical Director Page Layout

Figure 2 shows the general page layout of the proNX Optical Director.

Figure 2: proNX Optical Director Page Layout

proNX Optical Director Page Layout

At the top of the page is a row of tabs where you select one of the following areas:

At the left of the page is the left-nav bar, which is placed in context based on the tab that you choose. You use the left-nav bar to further refine your selection. Not all tabs provide a left-nav bar. Click the button to show or hide the left-nav bar.

The main pane is where you perform most of your tasks. It is placed in context based on your left-nav bar selection.

The top right corner of the page is the notification area. Notifications with an are indications of abnormal behavior and require you to click the to clear it. In general, you are not required to take any other action on notifications of abnormal behavior unless these indications persist, because the proNX Optical Director automatically tries to resolve the underlying issues that cause these notifications. Notifications with a are informational and automatically clear after a few seconds.

The bottom right corner of the page displays the number of current alarms by severity. These counts are updated automatically as alarms are raised, cleared, and acknowledged in the network.

Immediately to the left of the alarms counts is the date, time, and time zone of the machine that your browser is running on. The time zone is displayed as a UTC offset.

The bottom left corner of the page displays the microservice connection status icon. Click it to show the status of the connectivity from the browser to the main microservices that make up the proNX Optical Director. A indicates normal operation.

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