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proNX Optical Director Overview

Note This section is intended to provide a brief and general overview of the proNX Optical Director and might contain a description of features not found in the release that you are running. See the TCX Series Optical Transport System Release Notes for information on features for the release you are running.

The proNX Optical Director is a software controller and management system for open optical line systems (OLS), initially providing support for TCX1000 Series devices.

The proNX Optical Director provides the following functionality:

Figure 1 shows a high level view of a typical deployment where the proNX Optical Director cluster controls and manages a TCX1000 Series optical transport network.

The proNX Optical Director runs on a cluster of three Linux servers. Within the cluster, one server acts as the master node. The master node is a regular node that is additionally responsible for orchestration and scheduling functions.

The proNX Optical Director connects to managed devices over a management network. Users connect to the proNX Optical Director using supported web browsers on their own computers.

Figure 1: Typical proNX Optical Director Deployment

Typical proNX Optical Director Deployment

Having network-wide visibility allows the proNX Optical Director to use advanced control algorithms that optimize optical transmission not only on a link but along the whole optical service path. The TCX1000 Series devices constantly send streams of real-time optical link measurements to the proNX Optical Director, which then uses the data to build an always current view of the optical links in the network. This allows the proNX Optical Director to make real-time control decisions on all aspects of optical link management, including the following:

These control decisions are translated into commands that are communicated to the managed devices for execution. This ongoing control loop allows the proNX Optical Director to deliver optimal optical transmission performance for the managed devices by dynamically and automatically controlling all aspects of optical link output.

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