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Working with Tables


The proNX Optical Director provides all tables with a common set of functions regardless of the data set being presented.

Here is an example of an Alarms table:

  1. To sort the table entries based a particular attribute, click the column heading for that attribute.

    To reverse the order, click the column heading again.

  2. To filter the table for any text string, type the text string into the Search box.

    The table shows the filtered entries as you type. For example:

  3. If the table provides a View button, you can see more detailed information for a particular row by selecting a row and then clicking View.

    A window appears showing more details for the selection. Here is an example of a Current Alarm Details window:

  4. To copy (to clipboard), print, or save the table to a CSV file, click the Copy, Print, or Save buttons respectively.

    This action applies to entries currently displayed in the table, after filtering has been applied.