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Installation Overview


The installation procedures require you to be familiar with Linux. If you are not comfortable installing Linux or running Linux commands from the command line, ensure that a craftsperson with Linux administration responsibilities is on hand throughout the installation process.


The installation procedures in this document show sample commands and outputs that are current as of the writing of those procedures for the specified operating systems. Because these examples include the installation of third-party tools and software, the commands and outputs might change over time without notice. Be sure to consult the latest third-party documentation where applicable for the most up-to-date installation instructions and examples.

The proNX Optical Director software is installed on a cluster of (typically) three Linux machines. You need to set up each cluster server with the required Linux distribution prior to installing the proNX Optical Director. See Cluster Server Requirements for the hardware and software requirements for the cluster servers.

You must use an additional computer to download, distribute, and install the required images onto the servers in the cluster. This additional computer is called the control machine. Once you set up the control machine, you can use the supplied scripts to carry out the installation on the cluster without having to work with each cluster member individually.

You can set up a new computer for the control machine or you can use an existing computer if you have one available. See Control Machine Requirements for the hardware and software requirements for the control machine.

The proNX Optical Director software is supplied as a single gzipped tarball. This tarball includes everything you need to install the proNX Optical Director including the installation scripts and the full set of container images. The proNX Optical Director installation process leverages the use of Ansible scripts to facilitate installation.


The proNX Optical Director installation uses Ansible playbooks to set up the cluster. Ansible is a widely used automation engine that automates application management and deployment.

You are not required to be familiar with Ansible in order to install and use the proNX Optical Director.