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Northbound Interface


The proNX Optical Director supports a northbound RESTCONF interface that is available for higher level management systems to utilize. RESTCONF is an HTTP-based protocol that uses Representational State Transfer (REST) principles to provide a programmatic interface for external systems to access data in YANG modules. This interface allows external systems (for example, OSS or BSS systems) to communicate directly with the main microservices in the proNX Optical Director.

By opening up this northbound interface, the proNX Optical Director enables you to have a tighter integration with your existing systems by allowing you to develop applications to have greater visibility of the network, topology, and devices under management from those systems. For example, you can develop an application on your existing management system to retrieve the optical topology of the network so that you can make informed routing decisions.

The RESTCONF interface is authenticated with username and password. Requests are authorized using JSON web tokens.

You can view detailed API documentation online at the URLs shown in Table 1.

Table 1: Accessing Online API Documentation for the Northbound Interface



API Documentation URL


The Device microservice provides support for the device layer. This includes retrieving alarms from devices, updating system information, configuring NTP servers, and configuring interfaces and links.

Release 2.2 - http://<server-ip>:8085/docs/index.html

Release 18.4 and higher - https://<cluster-name>/device/docs/index.html


The Network microservice provides support for the network layer. This includes providing an overall view of the nodes and topology in the network, as well as the management of optical services.

Release 2.2 - http://<server-ip>:8082/docs/index.html

Release 18.4 and higher - https://<cluster-name>/network/docs/index.html


The Operation microservice provides support for the tasks in the Operations drop-down list (in the Devices tab) such as backup and restore, software upgrades, and retrieving logs and metrics. Also included are discovering and undiscovering devices and retrieving the list of tasks that have been launched.

Release 2.2 - http://<server-ip>:8084/docs/index.html

Release 18.4 and higher - https://<cluster-name>/operation/docs/index.html