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Known Issues



  • After you make configuration changes to parameters on MX Series or PTX Series routers, QFX Series switches, or ACX6360 routers or transponders, the changes that you make are not reflected in the proNX Optical Director UI if the device was discovered using an IPv6 address.

    Workaround: After you make a configuration change to the named IPv6 devices, rediscover the device. PR1399795

  • When undiscovering devices whose optical controls are currently being modified by the proNX Optical Director, the devices might remain discovered. The likelihood of this occurring increases when undiscovering a large number of devices (such as when undiscovering all devices at a site).

    Workaround: If this occurs, undiscover the devices again. PR1376751

Optical Control

  • If you perform a cold restart, a factory restore, or an initial device discovery of a TCX1000-RDM20 device that has optical services provisioned, the proNX Optical Director might display hundreds of system:control Failure Device tasks in the Administration>Tasks page.

    Workaround: None. The proNX Optical Director automatically recovers over time. PR1402020

Network Topology and Services

  • Since physical links are not displayed in the service view, the state of physical links does not affect the service view. This can lead to a perceived anomaly where the service view shows all links as green but the service itself is operationally down because a physical link is down.

    Workaround: Use the service state in the Network>Services>Provisioned page as the indicator on whether a service is up or down. PR1324929