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Upgrading the Software on a Device


Use this procedure to perform a software upgrade on one or more TCX1000-RDM20 devices or on all TCX1000-RDM20 devices within a site.

  1. Select the device or site that you want to upgrade.
    • To upgrade a specific device, start from the Devices Configuration page, expand the device tree to see the list of devices, and click the device that you want to upgrade.

      To select multiple devices to upgrade, once you select a single device, use the Ctrl key (Cmd key in Mac OS X) to multi-select other devices. Select only devices that can support the same file transfer protocol (FTP or SFTP). If some selected devices can only use FTP while others can only use SFTP, then you must run the upgrade twice, once for FTP devices and once for SFTP devices.

      After you pick your device or devices, select Operations>Upgrade.

    • To upgrade all devices at a site, start from the Devices Configuration page, categorize the device tree by site, click the site that you want to upgrade, and select Operations>Upgrade.

    The Software Upgrade page appears displaying the list of devices that you are upgrading.

  2. Select the file server where you want to download the software package from. If the file server that you want to use is not listed, you have to add it first. See Adding a File Server to the File Server List.

    Note: If the device that you want to upgrade only supports FTP, then only FTP servers are listed. If your device only supports SFTP, then only SFTP servers are listed.

  3. Click Browse to browse the files on the file server. By default, you are placed into the directory that you specified when you added the file server.

    Browse to the software load you want to use and click Select.

  4. To stage the software load, select Stage. This downloads the software load to the device.
  5. To activate the software load, select Activate.
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