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Adding a User


Use this procedure to add a user.

  1. Select the Administration tab and click Users>User Management in the left-nav bar.

    A table displaying the list of users is displayed.

  2. Click New to add a user. The Create a New User dialog appears.

    See Table 44 for an explanation of the fields.

  3. Specify the First Name and Last Name of the user.
  4. Specify the Email address of the user.
  5. Select the Language from the drop-down list.
  6. Specify the Role for the user.
  7. Click Save to add the user.

    The dialog closes and the user you just added is shown in the user list with both the Activated and Reset indications. This indicates that the user has been activated and that the user’s password should be reset.

  8. If you do not want the new user to be activated, click the Activated button to toggle its setting. See Activating or Deactivating a User for more information.
  9. Reset the user’s password. See Resetting a Password.

    The new user cannot log in until his or her password is set.

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