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About the Tasks Page

To access this page, select the Administration tab and click Tasks in the left-nav bar.

The Tasks page shows you the list of tasks that the proNX Optical Director is running. The displayed tasks relate to interactions between the proNX Optical Director and the devices under management. It can consist of tasks that are internally generated to control the devices and tasks that you create as part of device and network management.

Tasks You Can Perform

You can view the list of proNX Optical Director tasks and their status. You can also view additional details for a specific task or view any subtasks if applicable.

Field Descriptions

Table 40 explains the fields in the Tasks page.

Table 40: Fields in the Tasks Page




The type of task or subtask:

  • Device Edit - editing a device
  • Discovery - discovering a device
  • Historic Metric Collection - retrieving PM metrics from a device
  • Interface Edit - editing an interface on the device
  • Log Collection - retrieving logs from a device
  • NE Backup - backing up the configuration database from a device
  • NE Restore - restoring a configuration database to a device
  • Service Edit - editing a service
  • Software Upgrade - upgrading software on a device
  • System Info Edit - editing the system information on a device
  • Telemetry Subscription - configuring a device for OTI connectivity (created and launched by the system)
  • Un-discovery - unregistering a device from control and management

Create Time

The start time of the task or subtask.

End Time

The end time of the task or subtask. If the task is not yet complete, this field is blank.


The entity that launched the task or subtask. Tasks launched by the system are labelled as system. Tasks launched by a user are labelled by username.

Users with the User role can only see tasks that they launch themselves. Users with the Administrator role can see all tasks including system tasks and tasks launched by other users.


The status of the task or subtask:

  • Pending - The task or subtask has been created.
  • Received - The task or subtask has been received by the microservice that will execute it.
  • Started - The task or subtask has started but has not finished.
  • Success - The task or subtask has finished successfully.
  • Finished - The task has finished but at least one subtask has failed.
  • Failure - The task or subtask has failed.


An explanation of the task or subtask.

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