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Viewing or Deleting a Service


Use this procedure to view or a delete a provisioned service.

  1. Click the Network tab and select Services>Provisioned in the left-nav bar.

    A list of services in your network appears.

  2. To view details on a service, select a service and click View.

    The service appears in a new window. The window shows a visual representation of the service and the list of alarms associated with the devices that are part of the service.

    • You can pan the service view and zoom in and out as desired. To reset the view, click the Reset View icon.
    • The list of current alarms is displayed under the service view. See Field Descriptions for a description of the table headings.

    Click Close to close the service window.

  3. To delete a service, select a service and click Delete.

    A confirmation dialog appears. Click Delete to confirm.

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