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Viewing or Deleting a Link

Use this procedure to view a list of all links or to delete a specific link.


  1. Click the Network tab and select Topology>Provisioned in the left-nav bar.

    A table listing all provisioned links in the network is displayed.

  2. If you want to delete a link, select the link (row) and click Delete.

    A confirmation dialog appears. Click Delete to confirm.

    When you delete a link, you should remove the physical fiber that the deleted link represents. This ensures that the configured topology matches the actual topology.

    Note: Deleting a link removes that link from proNX Optical Director control and management. If the deleted link has an endpoint on a TCX1000-RDM20 port, the port is automatically taken out of service (administratively). This is service affecting for all services that traverse the link. You should not delete a link if there are services that traverse the link.

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