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Rediscovering a Device


Use this procedure to rediscover a device or multiple devices.

Rediscovering a device causes the proNX Optical Director to refresh its view by performing a full data retrieval from the device. You do not normally need to rediscover a device because the proNX Optical Director regularly synchronizes with all devices under management. However, if you suspect the proNX Optical Director has a stale view of a device, you can rediscover it to speed up the synchronization.

  1. You can rediscover a single device, multiple devices, or all devices at a site.
    • To select all devices at a site, start from the Devices Configuration page, categorize the device tree by site, and click the site that you want to rediscover.
    • To select a single device, start from the Devices Configuration page, expand the device tree to see the list of devices, and click the device that you want to rediscover.
    • To select multiple devices, once you select a single device or site, use the Ctrl key (Cmd key in Mac OS X) to multi-select other devices or sites. You can select a combination of sites, a combination of devices, or a combination of sites and devices.
  2. Once you have selected the devices you want to rediscover, click Discovery>Re-discover Selected. To monitor the progress of this task, see Viewing the Tasks List.
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