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Acknowledging or Unacknowledging an Alarm


Use this procedure to acknowledge or unacknowledge an alarm.

You can use alarm acknowledgment in different ways, but typical usage is for you to use alarm acknowledgment to distinguish between alarms that someone is addressing (acknowledged) and alarms that still require someone to examine and triage (unacknowledged).

The color of the acknowledged alarm turns gray to reduce its visual impact and to allow you and other users to focus on the alarms that still need to be examined and assigned.

Acknowledging an alarm does the following:

  • the alarm turns gray in the Current Alarms table

  • the alarm is removed from consideration when determining the alarm indication color to display in the icon in the Network Map

Note: Acknowledging an alarm does not change the severity of the alarm, nor does it change the alarm count for that severity. For example, if there are ten critical alarms and you acknowledge one of them, the acknowledged alarm count increases by one and the critical alarm count remains at ten.

  1. Click the Monitor tab and then select Alarms>Current from the left-nav bar.

    The Current Alarms table is displayed.

  2. To acknowledge an alarm, select an alarm and click Acknowledge.

    The alarm is acknowledged and the alarm row turns gray.

  3. To unacknowledge an acknowledged alarm, select an alarm that has been acknowledged and click Un-acknowledge.

    The alarm is unacknowledged and the alarm row turns back to the color of its severity.

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