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Introduction to Paragon Automation


Juniper® Paragon Automation is a cloud-ready solution for network planning, configuration, provisioning, traffic engineering, monitoring, and lifecycle management that brings advanced visualization capabilities and analytics to network management and monitoring. You can deploy Paragon Automation as an on-premises (customer-managed) application.

Paragon Automation Platform operates on a microservices-based architecture and employs REST APIs, gRPC APIs, and common messaging bus communications. Paragon Automation Platform provides built-in element management system (EMS) capabilities. In addition to providing base platform capabilities, Paragon Automation offers users a suite of microservices-based applications including Juniper® Paragon Insights (formerly HealthBot), Juniper® Paragon Planner (formerly NorthStar Planner), and Juniper® Paragon Pathfinder (formerly NorthStar Controller). When you add a module, its API suite integrates with Paragon Automation Platform to allow seamless communication between new and existing services. The solution is an open architecture that allows integration with third-party software. The Paragon Automation platform comes with out-of-the-box integration for Juniper Networks’ partner application Anuta ATOM, which provides advanced workflow management and service provisioning capabilities.

In these release notes, we outline the features of the base platform, Paragon Pathfinder, Paragon Planner, and Paragon Insights modules that are available in this release. For more information about features related to these modules, see Paragon Automation User Guide.