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Paragon Automation Features


This section describes the features in each module of Juniper Paragon Automation Release 21.1.

Graphical User Interface (GUI)

The Paragon Automation platform uses a Web-based GUI. The GUI integrates Paragon Pathfinder, Paragon Planner, Paragon Insights, and EMS components together into a single pane of glass.

  • You can navigate the interfaces using the following GUI elements:

    • Menus navigable through the collapsible left-nav bar. You can expand and collapse submenus on the left-nav bar within the same horizontal space.

    • Breadcrumbs at the top of each page

  • You can mark pages that you frequently visit as Favorites. To mark a page as a favorite, click the star icon on the right corner of each page.

  • You can fully customize the dashboard with widgets (also known as dashlets) from each installed module.

Paragon Automation Base Platform

The following are the element management system (EMS) capabilities of the base platform:

  • Discovery of devices

  • Zero-touch provisioning of devices

  • Operational mode command execution on managed devices

  • Device configuration modeling

  • Configuration command execution on managed devices

  • Automatic synchronization with devices for configurations and staging

  • Inventory management and detailed device view

  • Support for backup and restore of device configurations. You can compare device configuration to identify the differences.

  • Support for Juniper Networks devices (MX Series, vMX, ACX Series, and PTX Series) and third-party devices (Cisco IOS XR)

  • Software image management for Juniper Network devices

  • Support for device templates and configuration templates

  • Support for monitoring jobs and audit logs

  • Single sign-on (SSO) based on OpenID Connect standards for Anuta ATOM

  • User management and role-based access control (RBAC)

Paragon Insights

The Paragon Automation platform provides highly automated and programmable device-level diagnostics and network analytics capabilities through integration with the Paragon Insights module (formerly HealthBot). These capabilities enable the platform to integrate with multiple data collection methods and correlates large volumes of time-sensitive telemetry data, providing a multidimensional and predictive view of the network. Paragon Insights:

  • Provides an aggregated and abstracted view of network health.

  • Enables highly customized policies and playbooks through a Web interface, intelligently automates diagnostic workflows, and sustains overall performance goals.

  • Applies machine learning to dynamically master the baseline performance of infrastructure elements and network applications. It proactively triggers corrective actions when real-time metrics deviate from configured tolerance levels.

  • Supports the following telemetry data gathering (ingest) methods:

    • OpenConfig—Allows collection of operational data using the OpenConfig data models over the gRPC protocol.

    • iAgent—SSH/Telnet connectivity with devices allows Paragon Automation to pull telemetry data from devices. It also enables Paragon Automation to securely configure the devices. We also support NETCONF connectivity for Juniper Networks devices and CLI for third-party devices.

    • Native Google protocol buffers (Google Protobuf)—A Junos OS-native telemetry system that can send Google Protobuf-formatted telemetry data over UDP.

    • SNMP—Support for SNMP allows the platform to query managed devices for configuration and system state changes using established SNMP standards.

    • Syslog—Allows devices to send structured or unstructured syslog messages over UDP to the platform in response to events happening on the device.

Paragon Pathfinder

The Paragon Automation platform provides network control capabilities through integration with the Paragon Pathfinder module (formerly NorthStar Controller). This allows Paragon Automation to act as a software-defined network (SDN) controller enabling the users to control an entire network from a single location. Paragon Pathfinder capabilities include:

  • Dynamic topology acquisition—Use routing protocols (IS-IS, OSPF, and BGP-LS) to obtain real-time topology updates.

  • Label-switched path (LSP) reporting—Label edge routers (LERs) use PCEP reports to report all types of LSPs (PCC Controlled, PCC Delegated, and PCE Initiated) to Paragon Automation.

  • LSP provisioning—Create LSPs or update LSPs that have been delegated. You can also create multiple LSPs at one time.

  • Symmetric pair groups—Design a pair of LSPs that are routed between the same two LERs but go in opposite directions following the same path across the network.

  • Diverse LSPs—From the Paragon Pathfinder UI, design two LSPs so that the paths, node, link, or shared-risk link groups (SRLG) diverse from each other.

  • Rerouting of LSPs—Reroutes PCE-initiated and delegated LSPs around points of failure.

  • Time-based LSP scheduling—Schedule the creation of LSPs based on future requirements by using time-based calendaring.

  • LSP templates—The Paragon Pathfinder supports LSP templates configured on the router.

  • LSP optimization—Analyze and optimize LSPs that have been delegated to Paragon Pathfinder.

Paragon Planner

You can use the Paragon Planner (formerly NorthStar Planner) for offline visualization and detailed architectural planning of your production network. Paragon Planner enables you to forecast the impact of network changes such as latency, additional traffic, shifts in traffic flows, and new capacity or services. Paragon Planner capabilities include:

  • Capacity planning backbone design, and diversity design

  • Failure simulation

  • Detailed design and analysis reports

  • Detailed topology views

  • Traffic load analysis

Anuta ATOM

Anuta ATOM is a highly scalable cloud-ready platform for orchestrating and monitoring a network. Anuta ATOM delivers stateful service provisioning and workflow management for stateless services, along with configuration compliance and device life-cycle management. Paragon Automation, together with Anuta ATOM, provides automation solutions across the entire life cycle of a network—plan, design, implement, operate, and optimize. Paragon Automation integrates with Anuta ATOM through APIs.