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    Viewing Device Inventory from the CLI


    The information displayed in the Device Inventory window, as shown in Unresolved xref can also be viewed from the device (router) using the CLI operational mode. Generally, the hardware and software information displayed in the Device Inventory window and the CLI command output is similar.


    To view device hardware and software inventory, from the device enter the following Junos OS CLI operational mode commands:

    show chassis hardware
    show version

    Sample Output

    The following sample output shows hardware and software inventory for the same router used in .
    user@host> show chassis hardware 
    Hardware inventory:
    Item             Version  Part number  Serial number     Description
    Chassis                                39097             M10i
    Midplane         REV 04   710-008920   CM0805            M10i Midplane
    Power Supply 0   Rev 06   740-008537   5384103           AC Power Supply
    Power Supply 1   Rev 06   740-008537   5384265           AC Power Supply
    HCM 0            REV 03   710-010580   CM1272            M10i HCM
    HCM 1            REV 03   710-010580   CM1187            M10i HCM
    Routing Engine 0 REV 09   740-009459   1000602468        RE-5.0
    CFEB 0           REV 09   750-010465   DK6820            Internet Processor II
    FPC 0                                                    E-FPC
      PIC 0          REV 10   750-002971   CL0219            4x OC-3 SONET, MM
      PIC 1          REV 11   750-002992   CM4540            4x F/E, 100 BASE-TX
      PIC 2          REV 08   750-005724   CL9082            2x OC-3 ATM-II IQ, MM
      PIC 3          REV 08   750-005724   CL9078            2x OC-3 ATM-II IQ, MM
    FPC 1                                                    E-FPC
      PIC 2          REV 12   750-008425   CG1204            Adaptive Services
      PIC 3          REV 12   750-012838   DJ0049            4x 1GE(LAN), IQ2
        Xcvr 0       REV 01   740-013111   7303532           SFP-T
        Xcvr 1       REV 01   740-013111   7314215           SFP-T
        Xcvr 2       REV 01   740-013111   7303398           SFP-T
        Xcvr 3       REV 01   740-013111   7303376           SFP-T
    Fan Tray 1                                               Rear Right Fan Tray
    user@host> show version
    Hostname: host
    Model: m10i
    Junos OS Base OS boot [9.3B2.7]
    Junos OS Base OS Software Suite [9.3B2.7]
    Junos OS Kernel Software Suite [9.3B2.7]
    Junos OS Crypto Software Suite [9.3B2.7]
    Junos OS Packet Forwarding Engine Support (M/T Common) [9.3B2.7]
    Junos OS Packet Forwarding Engine Support (M7i/M10i) [9.3B2.7]
    Junos OS Online Documentation [9.3B2.7]
    Junos OS Routing Software Suite [9.3B2.7]


    The sample output for the show chassis hardware command shows the hardware installed on the M10i device. The row of output showing the midplane is in bold to illustrate that the midplane information in this example is identical to the midplane information in the NSM UI example.

    The sample output for the show version command shows the version of Junos OS installed on the M10i device. In this instance, the CLI output provides more information than is provided by the NSM UI.

    Published: 2013-01-02