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Configuring a PPPoA Client Instance


PPPoA is typically used for PPP sessions that terminate on a security device with an ADSL interface (the NetScreen-5GT ADSL security device). On the ADSL interface (or its subinterfaces), you can configure a PPPoA client instance with a username, password, and other parameters, and then bind the instance to the ADSL interface (or subinterface).

When the NetScreen-5GT ADSL security device initiates a PPPoA connection to the PPPoA server (controlled by the service provider), the server automatically provides the IP addresses for the Untrust zone interface and for the Domain Name System (DNS) servers. Using this information, the security device automatically updates the DNS server addresses in its DHCP server (you can disable this automatic update if desired).

For details and an example of configuring an ADSL interface with PPPoA, see ADSL Interface in ScreenOS Devices.