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Configuring Policy Schedules (NSM Procedure)


By associating a schedule to a policy, you can determine when the policy is in effect. You can configure schedules on a recurring basis and as a one-time event. Schedules provide a powerful tool in controlling the flow of network traffic and in enforcing network security. For an example of the latter, if you were concerned about employees transmitting important data outside the company, you might set a policy that blocked outbound FTP-Put and MAIL traffic after normal business hours.


In the Web UI, scheduled policies appear with a gray background to indicate that the current time is not within the defined schedule. When a scheduled policy becomes active, it appears with a white background.

To configure a policy schedule:

  1. In the NSM navigation tree, select Object Manager>Schedule Objects.

  2. Click New and fill in the schedule form.

  3. Click OK to save the schedule.

You can attach a schedule to a policy as you create the policy, or you can bind the schedule later in the Web UI. For more information on policies and schedules, see the Network and Security Manager Administration Guide and the Concepts & Examples ScreenOS Reference Guide.