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Configuring Timeouts for Predefined Services (NSM Procedure)


Use the Predefined Service Timeout option to configure timeouts for predefined services. Services are types of IP traffic for which protocol standards exist. Each service has a port number associated with it, where the access policy accepts a request for that service. When you create an access policy, you must define a service for it. You can select one of the predefined services or select a custom service that you have created. For predefined services, you can use the default timeout specified by the protocol or you can configure a different timeout value.

To configure a timeout for a predefined service:

  1. Click the Add icon in the Predefined Service Timeout configuration screen. The Predefined Service Timeout dialog box appears.

  2. Select the service from the Name list.

  3. Select User-defined Value from the Timeout list.

  4. Enter the timeout value.

  5. Click OK.

For more information about configuring timeouts for predefined services on security devices, see the “Fundamentals” volume in the Concepts & Examples ScreenOS Reference Guide.


For security devices running ScreenOS 5.2 and later, you can also configure predefined service timeouts on virtual systems.