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Configuring Session Cache for Predefined Services (NSM Procedure)


Use the Predefined Service Session Cache option to configure the session cache for predefined services. You can also set the total session cache number.

To configure a session cache for a predefined service:

  1. Double-click the device to open the device configuration.

  2. In the device navigation tree, select Advanced > Pre-defined Service Session Cache. The Pre-defined Service Session Cache screen appears.

  3. Select the Enable session cache check box.

  4. Select a number from the Total session cache number field.

  5. Click Add. The New Pre-defined Service Session cache dialog box appears.


    All predefined services will be displayed in the dialog box. Click Edit Pre-defined Service. (The New button is grayed out on root device).

  6. Select a name from the Name drop-down list.

  7. Select the Enable session cache for service check box.

  8. Click OK to create a predefined service session cache.

  9. Click OK to save your changes.