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Configuring an Active/Active Cluster (NSM Procedure)


To configure an active/active cluster, you must configure a second VSD group:

  1. In the NSM navigation tree, select Device Manager > Devices.

  2. Double-click the cluster to open the cluster configuration. In the cluster navigation tree, select Members.

  3. In the VSD definitions area, click the Add icon to display the Add VSD dialog box.

  4. Select a value, and then click OK to save the new VSD. The VSD you added appears in the VSD Definitions list.

  5. Select Network > Vlan > Group, and click the Add icon to display the New Vlan Group Entry dialog box.

  6. Enter the VLAN group name, VLAN group settings, binding VLAN group to port and zone settings, and select any value in the VSD group ID. The value of the VSD group ID is the list of VSD definitions from the NSRP members.

  7. Click OK to save your changes to the cluster.

The VSD group member with the priority number closest to 0 becomes the primary. (The default is 100.) If two devices have the same priority value, the device with the lowest MAC address becomes primary.