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    Configuring Telnet/SSH on a Secure Access Device User Role (NSM Procedure)

    The Telnet/SSH option enables users to connect to internal server hosts in the clear using Telnet protocols or to communicate over an encrypted Secure Shell (SSH) session through a Web-based terminal session emulation.

    To configure telnet/SSH on a user role:

    1. In the navigation tree, select Device Manager > Devices. Click the Device Tree tab, and then double-click the Secure Access device for which you want to configure a telnet/SSH.
    2. Click the Configuration tab. Select Users > User Roles.
    3. Click the New button. The New Dialog box appears.
    4. Add or modify settings on the access options as specified in Table 1.
    5. Click one:
      • OK—Saves the changes.
      • Cancel—Cancels the modifications.

    Table 1: User Role Telnet/SSH Configuration Details

    OptionFunctionYour Action
    Telnet/SSH > Telnet Bookmarks tab


    Specifies the name for the Terminal Sessions page bookmark.

    Enter the name for the bookmark.


    Specifies the bookmark description for the Terminal Sessions page bookmark.

    Enter the description.


    Specifies the name or IP address of the remote host for this session.

    Enter the name or IP address.

    Session Type

    Specifies the session type.

    Select telnet or SSH from the drop-down list.


    Specifies the port if different from the prepopulated port assignment.

    Enter the port.


    Specifies the username or other Secure Access device-appropriate, session variable for Telnet bookmark.

    Enter a username or other Secure Access device-appropriate, session variable.

    Font Size

    Specifies the font size for the Telnet bookmark.

    Select the font size.

    Screen Size

    Specifies the screen size for the telnet bookmark.

    Select one of the options from drop-down list.

    Screen Buffer

    Specifies the screen buffer size for the Telnet bookmark.

    Select the screen buffer size.

    Telnet/SSH > Options tab

    User can add sessions

    Allows users to define their own session bookmarks and to allow users to browse to a terminal session using the following syntax:

    • telnet://
    • ssh://
    • /dana/term/newlaunchterm.cgi

    The Add Terminal Session button appears on the Terminal Sessions page the next time a user refreshes the Secure Access device welcome page.

    Select the User can add sessions check box to enable this feature.

    Published: 2013-01-03